'Criminal Minds' season 11 news: Showrunner hints at more Dirty Dozen appearance all throughout the season, mum about cast changing rumors


“Criminal Minds” made the wait all worth it for its fans when it returned on air last week. The hit police procedural drama pulled out all the stops to make sure that they open the New Year with a big bang by suddenly gunning down the notorious Dirty Dozen group.

The squad of underground hit men had been an underlying tone all season long since Montolo (Robert Dreary) warned Morgan (Shemar Moore) of the group before dying behind bars. Since then, the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) has been relentless in trying to dig in more information about the elusive group. What made it more difficult is that it seemed like the Dirty Dozen does not leave any trace of evidence to track down their whereabouts and next move.

Good thing, Reid was able to play hero under massive duress last episode when his blind date suddenly pulled a gun in front of his face and threatened to blow up the entire restaurant. The whole event went forced the BAU to deviate from their original mission and start improvising. Fortunately, in the end, they were still able to finally shoot down the assassin.

However, showrunner Erica Messer revealed that it may not be the last time the BAU will come across the Dirty Dozen.

“The Dirty Dozen is not in play in the way it has been,” Messer revealed to TV Line.

“But I can’t say that it’s entirely gone until the end of season 11,” she coyly teased. It is still unknown whether there is a grander scheme of things beyond the subjects and it is interesting to find out any major plot twists for the season.

Messer, however, was able to dodge questions regarding personnel reshuffling which is further fueled with the upcoming appearance of Danny Glover in episode 16, titled “Derek.”

“Criminal Minds” season 11 will return tonight with “Drive,” where the BAU will investigate a ride-share company when bodies are discovered in public areas in Boston after using the transport service.