'Criminal Minds' season 11 news: Derek Morgan to die in episode 16? father's appearance may be bad omen for Shemar Moore's character


Is Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) the next character to bid goodbye to “Criminal Minds”?

The idea doesn’t seem like a long shot after showrunner Eric Messer bared that the character may die in one of the future episodes of the season.

It does not help Derek’s character that the 11<sup>th season seems focused on his story, which could go either way.

Danny Glover has also signed on to join the show to play Derek’s father, TVLine reported.

“It’s an interesting role that he plays. The reason Derek needs to call on this protector in this moment and work through some things is really beautifully written by Breen Frazier, and directed by [cast member] Thomas Gibson,” Messer said in the interview.

Glover will appear in episode 16 titled “Derek,” which fans of the show fear may be the character’se last.

Fans are also curious to know how Glover’s character will play into the series since it has been mentioned earlier that Derek’s father has been dead for some time already, reported Movie News Guide.

Still, there are some who are holding out hope that while the episode may be Derek-centric, he will still survive whatever challenge the writers will set before him and continue on as series regular.

Meanwhile, in a separate TVLine interview, Messer said that there will be plenty of cliffhanger moments that they usually don’t do in the show.

He also teased that they are also preparing for the show’s 250<sup>th episode which will be directed by Joe Mantegna.

The episode titled “Sandman” promises to be an exciting one for the cast.