'Criminal Minds' season 11 spoilers: Hotch gets framed, Mr. Scratch returns in finale


Season 11 of “Criminal Minds” will be concluding with the episode slated this week in what looks like its creepiest and most dangerous case yet.

Titled “The Storm,” the official synopsis posted on TV.com for the upcoming episode reads, “Season 11 ends with Hotch being apprehended by a SWAT team for suspicion of conspiracy. The BAU members scramble to prove his innocence and suspect a larger plot is on the horizon.”

It is still uncertain how Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) ended up in the dangerous and sticky situation, but in the previous episode, the convicted serial killer Antonina Slade (Frances Fisher) seemed to have forewarned “a storm coming” when he mentioned several horrible statements regarding the case of the two missing boys. Is she “orchestrating the entire thing from behind bars,” as what Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) perceived earlier?

Meanwhile, the spoilers revealed on TV Guide somehow gives a clue on the possible story behind the incident. It revealed the return of Mr. Scratch, the terrible serial killer who tortured and drugged Hotch in the previous season. It is possible that the antagonist will be drugging Hotch again this time.

Showrunner Erica Messer hinted, “I don’t want to say Hotch is the center of [the finale], but it has a lot to do with Hotch. It’s not as visual as the first [Mr. Scratch] episode, but it’s a big team episode.”

Fans also need to prepare themselves for a cliffhanger, as Messer revealed that the episode finale will be open-ended. She teased, “There’s not like a bomb at the end of the episode and we don’t know who survived. But it’s in that grander scheme of things, like, ‘Oh, my God! We’re just getting started.'”

Episode 22 of “Criminal Minds” season 11 will air on May 4 at 9 P.M. EST on CBS for the concluding episode.

No announcement has been made regarding season 12 of the show most likely because of budget problems, but people are hopeful for a 12th run.