Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders news: Annie Funke and Alana de la Garza are latest cast members of spinoff show


It looks like two powerhouse females are joining the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders spinoff show: Alana de la Garza and Annie Funke.

The Gary Sinise starrer promises to be a very action-filled year until early 2016. Sinise, de la Garza and Funke will be part of the Analysis Unit, an FBI division tasked to provide help for Americans overseas in numerous locations. 

Alana de la Garza, a Law & Order alum, plays the role of Clara. She is a cultured anthropologist who will be tasked with International Response. On the other hand, Annie Funke of “A Most Violent Year” and “The Intern” fame will play the role of Mae, a carefree and adventurous medical examiner. The two ladies will help solve the worst of the crimes together with the rest of the team, Realty Today reported

Sinise already foreshadowed his role from a previous Criminal Minds original episode.

This time, he will play Jack and work with Special Ops agent Matt (played by Daniel Henney) and techie guy Monty (James Williams). Jack will be the one to expertly work with computers and gather intel from victim’s families. Aside from Sinise, de la Garza, and Funke, Anna Gunn was cast for the role of Lily Gilbert but she left before the series was able to really take off on TV. Gunn is known for her role in Breaking Bad and would have been a great addition to this team.

Entertainment blog sites such as Carter Matt believe that it’s necessary to introduce more Criminal Minds crossovers to help place the movement of story of the spinoff more properly. It will also help set the stage for the characters to move around and have the new cast members settle in.