'Crash Bandicoot' reboot release news: PS acknowledges demand but has no specific plan for the gaming franchise yet


With numerous fans growing the need for the possible comeback of the classic “Crash Bandicoot” via reboot, Sony continues to still be very cagey about the matter. It, however, confirmed that it is very much aware of the clamor that the game still draws.

The demand has had some surge over time as revival has seemed to be the trend these days in entertainment and media. But while there is a confirmed market for the reboot, PlayStation insiders reveal that at this point, they still have no concrete plan about the “Crash Bandicoot” franchise.

“We’re certainly aware of the considerable affectioneven reverencein which the mighty Crash is held, but nothing to update at this stage in that area,” Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss, Jim Ryan told the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via PlayStationLifeStyle.net).

Prior to Ryan’s statement, PlayStation vice president of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes already confirmed that as of now, the rights to the aforementioned title is with games publishing company, Activision. Given this, the company cannot decide on the matter solely as there will be some inner business dealing that would have to work.

Despite these numerous hurdles, fans of “Crash Bandicoot” are unfazed and have continued to champion the cause. Some of them even scour the online world with supposed hints the title will eventually have its resurgence. There were even rumors that Sony will somehow be treating fans with a surprise announcement at the upcoming E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) 2016 which is scheduled next month.

Some alleged Easter Eggs of the game were said to be spotted in newly released “Uncharted 4” DLC dubbed as A Thief’s End. The connection between the two games is rooted from Naughty Dog who was the pioneer developers of “Crash Bandicoot” from 1996 to 1999. Aside from “Crash Bandicoot,” another title from the video game developer as hints of “The Last of Us 2” were also supposedly found in the gameplay.