'Crash Bandicoot' PS4 rumors: Game listed on retailer's website


It seems that everyone’s favorite marsupial might be coming back to Sony’s current generation home console as a listing for a “Crash Bandicoot” title for the PlayStation 4 appeared on the website of a Swiss online retailer.

As reported by Gamingbolt, a listing appeared on Swiss retailer Alcom Electronics for a supposed video game labelled simply as “Crash Bandicoot.” The listing featured very little in the way of details, but it did list the genre as “Jump and Run,” which is in line with the series’ platforming game mechanics. Moreover, the game was labelled for the PlayStation 4.

Originally created by Naughty Dog about two decades ago, “Crash Bandicoot” was a series of platformers for the original PlayStation home console platform. The series starred the eponymous Crash Bandicoot, allegedly of the eastern barred bandicoot species, which solved the world’s problems by jumping and spin-kicking through monsters, mad science, and prominent franchise villain Dr. Neo Cortex on his way to victory.

In the twenty years since his original conception by Naughty Dog exclusively for Sony, the franchise’s license passed across a number of publishers and development as some of the games have gone through a handful of different developers. Activision currently owns the license to the title, with the last few games being developed for mobile platforms most prominently by Polarbit.

The last game, “Nitro Kart 2,” came out in 2010 for the iOS, and Activision has since kept the franchise on the backburner. With the series’ conceptual developers Naughty Dog finally wrapping up the “Uncharted” series of action games with May’s “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” it is possible that the next “Crash Bandicoot” game is among their next projects if it isn’t being developed by another studio.

More evidence of the game’s existence has been collected by Push Square, with a Twitter post from PlayStation Mid East showing possible promotional material for the game popping up last February. More recently, NeoGAF shared a Facebook post from voiceover artist Lex Lang, who voiced Dr. Neo Cortex in recent titles in the franchise, where he said that he was asked to “resurrect” three different characters from “3 different games gone by” with a “doctor” character being among them.

Though none of the above is officially confirmed, they at least strongly suggest that “Crash Bandicoot” might really be coming back to the PlayStation 4 after all these years.