Conor Mcgregor next fight: fighter prepares for Nate Diaz rematch but no schedule yet


Somewhere between the squabble with UFC regarding some press junket schedule issues and the latest buzz on a supposed fight with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., the Conor Mcgregor-Nate Diaz rematch has arguably taken the back seat, at least in terms of media. However, McGregor taps anew into the scenario anew by opening up on his first loss against Diaz and his plans on how to avenge himself in the next meet-up.

“The first eight minutes of the fight was easy. Let’s be honest, I slapped the head off him. Once the gas tank went, that was it. I drowned. He landed that one punch that rang the bell and went, ‘[Gasp,] I’m back!’ He was close to being done. One or two more shots and he would have been wrapped up,” McGregor admitted in an exclusive sit down with ESPN.

The Dubliner continued that he has been focusing on getting back in shape and learning from the lapses that caused him his 15 game winning streak back in March. In fact, he was so engrossed into training so much that it was a huge part of the reason why he had a falling out with the UFC.

Last month, McGregor failed to make himself available for a Las Vegas media conference to promote his original booked date for a Diaz rematch supposedly happening on UFC 200. This did not sit well with UFC head honcho Dana White which prompted him to pull out McGregor from the fight. From there, things spiraled out of control which led into some social media rants by the Irish fighter. Fortunately, things are getting better between the two camps with White revealing that the communication lines are again open and Mcgregor saying that his relationship with the league is “good.”

Despite this development, a rescheduled rematch with Diaz is still in limbo with no confirmed ink deal as of yet. But, McGregor continues to train hard in preparation for the bout as he is sure that it will definitely happen and more than shedding or putting up weight, the pro-fighter is about overall nutrition.

“Look at me right now,” McGregor said. “Fish, red cabbage, asparagus — I’m nowhere near a fight ,and I’m on the clock with nutrition.”

This will be important shall McGregor finally gets to book a Diaz date again. Stamina will be a key role in defeating Diaz in the octagon as he is known to have one of the best gas tanks in the sport.