Conor McGregor next fight news: views on McGregor-UFC debacle


Amidst Conor McGregor’s fiasco with Dana White and the UFC, some industry insiders share their opinion on the matter and what they think it will become moving forward.

In a short period of time, UFC’s seemingly strong bond with McGregor disintegrated over the fighter’s refusal to participate in some press junkets. McGregor’s decision is rooted on his want to concentrate on his training for his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 200.

Unfortunately, White is adamant about ditching promo schedules as he said that it is part of the fighter’s job. In the end, he pulled out McGregor from the fight, leaving Diaz with no opponent come July 9.

From the outside, it looks like just a disagreement in terms of schedule, but Sherdog executive editor Greg Savage thinks otherwise.

“Not showing up for a press tour is forgivable — I’ll say it now, I bet it’s forgiven,” Savage wrote. “The bigger problem here is the precedent it will set for other fighters, but guess what? There aren’t any other McGregors out there at the moment. However, there are some serious players who are watching this and thinking, ‘Hey, why don’t I get that special treatment, too?'”

Arguably, no one has caught up with “Mystic Mac’s” popularity in terms of followers, but Diaz’s previous long rants about him not getting the treatment he deserves even after pulling an upset on McGregor in UFC 196 is an ideal example of UFC’s conflict.

“How the UFC controls the rest of the fighters will be interesting, but it seems obvious to me that old ‘Mystic Mac’ isn’t playing by the dusty old rulebook anymore. I guess if you don’t want to do 1.5 million pay-per-view buys, you don’t cut McGregor a hall pass for the press tour,” Savage continued.

As of now, the two camps continue to stand by their choices and UFC 200’s fate is not yet determined. But that does not mean that there is no possibility that McGregor and White will sit down and re-hash their terms,’s senior editor Luke Thomas says.

“Everything is still negotiable, everything is still in play. Don’t fool yourself. They could make a deal tomorrow. They could make a deal by New York next week or whatever the case may be,” he shared. “Everyone knows, everyone wins you win, I win, the fans win, the UFC wins and Conor wins when they work together.”