Conor McGregor next fight news: Frankie Edgar talks about the possibility of facing 'Mystic Mac'


Conor McGregor’s saga against the UFC continues as he has started to bring in some  other people in the industry via his infamous Twitter rants.

The Irish Man has used his social media as an outlet to let his voice be heard although some of his sentiments had received backlash from his peers. A collection of the mixed martial artist’s tweets were shared by Fox Sports starting with a statement on how he would dominate Nate Diaz in case the two of them get a shot at a rematch. The two were previously booked for a second fight in UFC 200 this July, but McGregor’s failure to attend press junkets prompted UFC President Dana White to bar him from the event.

McGregor then started a Q&A where the subject of overall drawing power against MMA Legend Brock Lesnar has come up. The Dubliner claimed to have topped the former’s champion’s previous record from UFC 100 when it comes to pay-per-view sales, gate attendance and total profits.

As of now, McGregor is on the waiting for his supposed featherweight title defense. His date for the event will be the emerging winner between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar in UFC 200’s interim featherweight championship. Interestingly, both fighters have had a history with McGregor already. It was in Aldo’s expense that McGregor posted the 13-second record-breaking win  back in UFC 194. Edgar, on the other hand, has been trying to book a head-to-head with “The Mystic Mac” since last year.

“I mean we’re conveniently not fighting every time out,” Edgar recently said at the UFC 200 pre-fight press conference in New York referring to his long overdue match with McGregor. “Every time it comes up, we conveniently not fight.

“I think we’re all fighters, we’re not scared of anybody but I think he’s scared of what could happen. At 170, he doesn’t have as much to lose,” Edgar explained. “He loses there he can still go down to 155, still go down to 145. I think he knew what was at risk of possibly losing the belt at 145 to me.”

Unfortunately, McGregor is firmly standing on his ground saying that he is only interested in a rematch against Diaz.