Conor McGregor news: Pro-fighter talks about the 'publicized civil war' between him and the UFC


Conor McGregor exclusively opens up to ESPN about the tumultuous weeks with regards to things between him and UFC rooted from his inability to attend press tour for his supposed rematch against Nate Diaz.

As expected of the Dubliner, the interview went no holds barred like his social media posts that got some people scratching their heads. While McGregor is known to be an open book, one particular tweet about leaving his professional fighting career behind arguably caused the biggest frenzy from fans of the sports.

“I’ll tell you what, (the retirement tweet) blew up,” McGregor admitted. “I was kind of having fun to start, half-hearted. Then all of a sudden it’s, ‘you’re off 200!’ I was like, ‘alright, well f— you too, then.'”

The fighter continued by saying that at times he would think about just getting on the flight and attended that junket in Las Vegas which did not sit well with UFC boss Dana White which prompted him to pull out of McGregor from UFC 200. Despite this, McGregor continued to explain that he felt that he had a valid reason for skipping the event. However, unlike his Twitter posts which do lacks the complete context given the limited premise, he was able to effectively explain his side of things this time.

“Reasonable media, to me, was New York — where the sport just got legal. Go around, do all the talk shows, all the morning shows, and blow it out of the water where it just became legal,” he said. “I wanted to isolate, focus, get that win back. That’s all I gave a f— about, because essentially all the other s— means nothing. If I lose again, then this whole ship comes down. I’m the one carrying the ship. This whole thing goes down if I’m gone.”

Over the course of the interview, McGregor numerously said that his relationship with UFC right now is good adding that whatever happened between them last month is nothing but a “publicized civil war.” Despite not going into specifics, especially when a meeting with White recently went down, the first after a very eventful month, McGregor is adamant that he is ready and very willing to fight. Whether this is with Diaz or boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. who recently offered to book a date with him, “The Notorious” is seemingly not going to retire again anytime soon.