Conor McGregor next fight: Nate Diaz slams UFC for granting McGregor an immediate rematch


Nate Diaz bashed the UFC for immediately booking Conor McGregor a rematch against him this coming UFC 200.

The Irish Man was reportedly adamant in staying at 170 pounds and is very much looking forward to avenging his loss against Diaz earlier this month.

“I’ve lost decisions that I didn’t really lose and if I asked to get a rematch, it was out of the question like ‘Are you kidding me, don’t even ask.’ But this guy is getting praised for wanting a rematch,” an irritated Diaz told Fox Sports regarding UFC 200 where he will once again square off with McGregor.

“All of a sudden he’s getting praised for losing and wanting a rematch? Get the (expletive) out of here, I’m sick of hearing it.”

The rematch was confirmed by UFC President Dana White last week revealing that the non-title match between the two will headline UFC 200 set to happen on July 9 at the newly built T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

In a separate interview with ESPN, Diaz continued his tirade saying that one huge reason that the fight is happening is because UFC thinks that his win over McGregor was a fluke.

“They think it was an accident, and now they’re saying, ‘Let’s get Nate back in there and take him out before he gets any bigger.’

This is not the first time the 30-year-old mixed martial artist aired his grievances against the league. Earlier this year and even before he stepped into the octagon with McGregor, he made a sweeping statement that the UFC is full of performance enhancing drug using fighters, which White vehemently denied. After his win, he then ranted that he was not getting the credit he deserved for handing McGregor his first loss adding that he felt disrespected.

Despite signing on the rematch, the American fighter is still firm on his previous stance on the unfair treatment between him and McGregor saying, “Since that last fight, have you heard any praise for me from Dana or the UFC? None at all. The UFC is pumping him up again, saying he wants to redeem himself and giving him all this credit for it. It’s like, dude, I’ve been obsessed with every fight I’ve ever lost. This is a gift for him to get it right away,” 

Unfortunately, it seems like Diaz would also be needing to look outside of the UFC if he is serious in trying to get the attention he believes he deserves because as early as now, McGregor is already the favorite by oddsmakers in their upcoming second square off.