'Concussion' news: Will Smith reveals plan to run for government office 'in the near future'


Not only has actor Will Smith opened his door for another chance to be nominated for the Oscars with his upcoming movie “Concussion,” he also admitted to his plans of running for government office “at some point in the near future.” 

In the 13th episode of the “Awards Charter” by The Hollywood Reporter, Smith shared his life plans, including his realizations as a former rapper, actor and aspiring politician.

Smith shared that his journey from where he was as a DJ to where he is now as an actor with blockbuster hits helped him enhance his ability to be “useful in the world.”

He expounded that his ability to improve in his craft each time and make sure that he is the best in it helped him become more effective in communicating and influencing others. He said that with this ability, he sees a future in the political arena for himself.

Going back to his teenage years when his first girlfriend cheated on him, Smith shared, “I made a pact with myself that if I would just be the best in the world at everything, no one would ever cheat on me again.”

He claimed that his passion to excel in everything he goes into was his inspiration when he shifted from being a DJ, to a rapper, and now, to an actor.

“I learned a lot about acting by having that goal… I made the goal for myself that I wanted to be the most famous actor on Earth,” he furthered.

Smith leads the cast of the movie “Concussion,” where he plays the role of Dr. Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian forensic neuropathologist whose study proves that concussions experienced by football players for the National Football League has more long-term effects than the league wants to admit. This will unveil political, economic, and social struggles for the Nigerian doctor whom the NFL wants to silence. “Concussion” will be shown on theaters this Christmas.