'Clash Royale' latest news: Huge update to roll out soon, according to leak


Supercell welcomed the month of March with a special event for its “Clash Royale” mobile app. It seems that the special event is just a tidbit of a bigger update in the near future for the multiplayer online game.

From March 2 to March 6, avid fans of “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans” got to enjoy their collectible playing cards in Draft Challenge.

“Draft Challenge is a fun and unique Challenge where you and your opponent make each other’s Battle Decks!” according to the game’s blog. The virtual card deck battle commenced with “drafting,” wherein the player and opponent had to pick one card each.

The special event was available on both platforms iOS and Android however, it was only available to be accessed for a limited time.

In February, the mobile game developer released a sneak peek of an upcoming Goblin Gang appearance in the battle arena of “Clash Royale.” The snippet revealed that there will be a new addition to the game’s playing cards.

A recent report from Telegiz indicated that the game developer will release a big update this month. Apparently, there is an information leak which exposed the mobile app’s new features, such as the addition of several new Goblin Ninja cards.

According to the game’s Reddit page, a Chinese website posted the leaked data (translated by a Reddit user). The post claimed that Supercell will release an update on March 24 that will bring a couple of changes and fixes to the video game.

Based on the data, there will be balancing update to the Executioner, with the update removing its mini-stun mechanic. Inferno Dragon and The Battle Ram are going to be buffed.

As far as arena battle is concerned, arena adjustments and league mechanism are coming up. To gain one gem, the player will only need 20 legendary trophies. The players who have reached the legendary arena will get a chance to join the 20,000 player league, and the top 1000 players will get to earn huge rewards.

Also, a couple of special events are reportedly set. Bridge Challenges will start on March 17, with the introduction to a new bridge facing the King’s Tower. Then, Team Challenge will likely kick off on March 31, in which a team-versus-team battle will be featured.