'Clash of Clans' update: Town Hall 11 tipped to release November with new defense wall; character focused on offense


After waiting for quite some time, fans are pleased to hear that a new update, referred to as Town Hall 11, will be coming to the famous Supercell game, Clash of Clans. However, it seems that fans will have to wait a little more, as there is no official release date for the said expansion yet.

With the last update released in September, fans are already rearing to see Town Hall 11. This upcoming major update is speculated to come in November, even if Supercell did not exactly reveal the exact details about it in its forum. 

According to news that has been going around, the upcoming update will bring enhancements to defense and offense. The Defense will be able to damage, attack on both land and air, and gets activated after a particular number of troops have entered the battle, notes a report from Touch Arcade earlier. On the other hand, the offense will come in the form of a new Hero that costs 6,000,000 elixir. At the moment, this character is still unknown, but the same report predicted a warlock. Meanwhile, Australia Network cites a player named Gabaldon who said that Town Hall 11 will revisit the “mysterious ancient technologies” because it matches the new look level 11 lava-filled walls that came in the September update.” Aside from these add-ons, Town Hall 11 is also expected to come in 4×4 tiles, with maps expanding up to 44×44 in order to have more playing space.

At the moment, Supercell have still not given their official word regarding the actual release date of Town Hall 11. For sure, it will not be this week or the first week of November, in reference to the recent post Supercell made in its forum. However, fans are already looking forward to the update, so it cannot be avoided for them to constantly look for hope in the internet. At the moment, there are already rumors about a mid-November release, while All Clash is betting on a first week of December launch.

For sure, for a game that is so popular, the developers are working hard and double time just to give its fans the update that they have been waiting for.