'Clash of Clans' news: Town Hall 11 update not on its way yet, but Halloween-themed special coming Halloween weekend


The first ever ClashCon 2015 was conducted last week in Helsinki, Finland, and fans were informed that an update is coming for “Clash of Clans.” The title will also have a special Halloween theme.

According to Touch Arcade, the new update will include a new Town Hall 11 Defense, which can do damage, attack on both land and air, and can get activated when a particular number of troops enter the battle. 

Aside from this, the update will be in 4×4 tiles, while the maps will also be expanded up to 44×44 for vaster space. The same report also mentioned of a new Hero, possibly a warlock, but there are no details about it as of the moment. 

However, game developer Supercell is mum on the release date of the said update. The studio posted on its forum the vague statement, “Sneak peeks will not start today, neither are we getting the update already next week. Sorry friends!”

This is perhaps because the update is still not yet ready and that the company wouldn’t want to give their fans high hopes of Town Hall 11 coming beyond the expected dates. 

The last major update for the game was launched in September, and Game Zone guesses that since this will be the last for this year, it may come in a mid-November to December timing, in time for the year’s conclusion. 

In the meantime, fans can first shift their focus on the special Halloween theme that Supercell has rolled out for its players. With this, players not only get a bonus Elixir from what they call the “special Halloween Cauldron” obstacles but also a 1-gem Spell Factory boost instead of 10 gems, throughout the Halloween weekend.

The updates are currently available in AppStore and GooglePlay. For players who have not yet updated “Clash of Clans” to its latest version, the developer encourages them to do so in order to access the new themes, which include sounds, spells, obstacles, and the loading screen, to name a few. These are optional add-ons for those who want to go with the season.