'Clash of Clans' October 2016 update: Game tweak may arrive soon, free gems to be included?


Finnish mobile gaming app maker Supercell has been under the watchful eyes of fans as it was made known that the famed game maker will be dishing out the latest tweak for their four-year-old title, “Clash of Clans.”

It was noted that the new update will bring forth massive changes within the game which were presumed to arrive last month. However, to most fans’ disappointment, the said update never came to fruition.

Recent reports are suggesting that the much-talked-about update might finally be rolled out this month as it was blurted out by one of the game developer’s employees.

Hints of the looming patch have been posted on Supercell’s discussion page as most of the fans that are aware of it have bogged down the forum site. Hence, one of the gaming company’s staff that goes by the moniker Anoushka stated that the highly anticipated tweak is likely to be released this month. Having said that, it is now assumed that the game update might be dished out during the second half of October.

Meanwhile, the upcoming upgrade is expected to bring in new characters to the widely played strategy game in which many speculate that it might come from their other equally successful title, “Clash Royale.” It was pointed out though that the forthcoming game improvement is said to be zeroing in on players whose town halls are already maxed out.

Another fan theory about the update is that Supercell might be devising a game attribute where players will be given the ability to accumulate gems on a regular basis provided that gamers meet certain criteria and conditions. As aforementioned, it’s also probable that it could be laid out to high-level players as well.

Currently, there’s no definite date yet as to when the long overdue tweak will arrive. However, if rumors about its release are anything to go by, it is estimated that it might arrive this Oct. 14.