'Clash of Clans' news: Supercell's September update aims to make amends for lackluster predecessor


Supercell is playing catch-up on their seemingly outdated game, “Clash of Clans,” despite the fact that an update was just rolled out this month. Unfortunately, it was met with negative reviews so the game developing company is trying to make amends with the supposed September upgrade.

The most recent changes were originally aimed to incorporate minor alterations and balances for an improved gameplay. However, what was meant to be a welcome surprise became repulsive especially when fans found out that Healers were now vulnerable to air traps. Arguably one of the most notable differences in this new version of this game, players have been claiming that instead of helping, it actually makes it difficult for them. The tweak is said to be ruining the Queen of Walk or Super Queen strategies which have been one of the most fun parts of “Clash of Clans”.

The Finnish company has already acknowledged the backlash but haggled on the potential of the August update. Nevertheless, they have also said that if by any chance fans are still repulsed by it, they will be making corresponding adjustments to make everyone happy. Should this be the case, it will most probably take effect alongside the September update which has already been rumored to be all-encompassing. The upcoming patch is said to improve on the features that its predecessor has been lacking. One interesting feature that the update will be bringing is the ability to mine gems for free. Although, at this point, it might be a little farfetched that Supercell will be giving up its main source of profit in the mobile game.

“Clash of Clans'” steady decline in popularity has been sped up by the release of “Pokmon GO.” The augmented reality mobile game from Niantic Labs has taken the world by storm since its release back in July and is continued evolution has kept players’ interest. This a major difference to “Clash of Clans” which appears to have been caught in the snag of stagnancy over the past couple of months.