'Clash of Clans' September update to bring free gems, improved spells


“Clash of Clans” players are waiting for a new update to bring much-needed fixes to the game, and it has been reported that the update will be available this month. The September update is expected to fix issues brought about by the last update and provide some changes to the massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy title.

According to Neurogadget, it is believed that the September update will focus on the lower level Town Halls as the previous update only brought changes to Town Hall level 11 and up. Supercell is reportedly expected to make changes at this level to fix things in the game.

Another new feature that has made fans very excited to receive the update is the ability to mine Gems for free. If this will be included in the update, the Gems will help boost player ranks at a faster rate and all players will have the chance to move up in the rankings.

It was also claimed that the September update will include a few changes to the spells in the game to make them more effective. The update will allegedly make slight modifications to Lightning, Poison, and Earthquake spells. Moreover, the update is also said to have a feature wherein witches can adjust their troops’ combat abilities to make them stronger.

Bringing about all these features to the game could surely appease many players who have expressed their displeasure over the last update. Supercell’s latest patch also proved to be quite unpopular with gamers, as the patch meant to bring balance changes to “Clash of Clans” also made Healers more vulnerable in the game, as the Healers once again trigger air traps. This means that certain strategies such as the “Queen Walk” or “Super Queen” will be more dangerous when used in the game, as these moves require at least four Healers to surround a high-level Archer Queen.

In a statement on the “Clash of Clans” blog, Supercell explained that they made these changes because the Healers have become “far too safe” in the game. The gaming company added that even with these changes, other strategies proved to be as effective as ever when used in the game.

“It’s all about balancing risk and reward, and we’ve seen that well executed Bowler attacks can still perform quite well even after these Healer changes,” said Supercell.

The gaming company has yet to confirm the arrival of a new “Clash of Clans” update this month.