'Clash of Clans' September 2016 update for game not coming, next update to roll out in October?


Last week, “Clash of Clans” underwent some routine maintenance, and fans thought that the online game could be preparing to roll out the September 2016 update. The maintenance break was announced on the game’s Twitter account on Sept. 21, and this made gamers anticipate some changes in preparation for the update. After two hours, maintenance was completed, but no sign of the game’s September update was to be found anywhere in the game.

“Clash of Clans” did not roll out a new update for August, and this convinced players that Supercell was preparing to release a new update sometime this month. The update was expected to boost the lower level Town Halls as the last major update focused on Town Hall level 11. It was also rumored to allow players to mine Gems for free, which made fans very excited as this feature could boost player ranks faster and all players in the game will have a good chance at moving to the top of the ranks. It was also believed that the September update would include slight changes to Lightning, Poison, and Earthquake spells, as well as Troop adjustments.

But with the end of the September looming, it seems that the next update won’t be released this month, but in October. Neurogadget reports that some of the features that fans are now looking forward to include a Town Hall 12, arranged wars, and some changes to the way heroes are deployed.

The website notes that many fans are now anticipating the presence of a Town Hall 12 due to the static nature of Town Hall 11. This is said to be possible since the last update did not bring anything new to this feature, and it was speculated that opening up a new town hall can provide new gaming experiences.

Another feature said to be included in the October update is arranged wars, wherein the clan can agree on a specific match wherein the terms should be in accordance with their agreement.

Supercell has yet to make an official announcement about its latest update rollout. Stay tuned for more news about the “Clash of Clans” update.