'Clash of Clans' August 2016 update to arrive before the end of the month


Heads up “Clash of Clans” players! The August update for both iOS and Android devices is due for a rollout anytime now.

The upcoming update has already been confirmed by the game’s developer, Supercell in an effort to continue supporting the widely popular mobile title. The August update is said to still be part of the Finnish company’s attempts to smoothen out the gameplay experience for “Clash of Clans,” as well as amplifying its level of surprise for a fresher take on it.

Supercell has also taken the social media route in determining which features they need to take a look at and give attention to for some improvements. They have also reached out to their followers via an online survey which aims to determine what features players have been clamoring for and the specific areas of the game that needs tweaking. According to Product Reviews, gamers want more achievement-unlocking missions, arranged combats without the planning, as well as a sleep mode for Clan Castles.

It can be remembered that back in May, the game received some backlash from its loyal players as the update released at that time seemed to have been unimpressive. The game update was deemed to be a huge one and Supercell reportedly worked on it for three months. Understandably, all the press and marketing ploy for it built up high expectations which were unfortunately never met. Nevertheless, the upcoming update coming to “Clash of Clans” may still have some potential, especially if Supercell learned its lesson after their last slipup.

Previous game updates usually arrived on a Tuesday, following the release of four sneak peeks designed to advertise what new features would be coming to the mobile game. Given this time table, fans can expect the update to arrive sometime by the end of the month as Supercell has yet to release any teaser for the aforementioned improvements.