'Clash of Clans' March update rumors: March updates has gem mines and new troops; clan wars and hero system improvements eyed


It has been previously speculated that a major update to the strategy game “Clash of Clans” will arrive this March. Among the information that circulated, the most probable rumor would be that the game will have an upgrade on its hero system.

Players have complained that they are not able to utilize a handful of heroes, particularly the Bark King and the Queen Archer, in attacking someone else’s base. Master Herald reported that the Finnish developer, Supercell, has decided to enhance its hero system. In addition to this update is the inclusion of Gem Mines in the game’s mechanics. Another update was also rumored to make revisions in the defense and win records, allowing gamers to enjoy a better “Clash of Clans” experience.

In another report, TNH Online posted that the developer is ready to introduce new, additional troops for gamers using Town Hall 10. This new troop is designed to create a balance in the game. It also mentioned that there would probably be one or two troops that will use Dark Elixir to be trained.

The post also mentioned that the March updates would also provide revisions in Clan Wars matchmaking. Supercell will carry out a number of hidden fixes so gamers will enjoy matchmaking with the other clans. This would be the developer’s solution to the issues regarding Clan Wars, where the system seems to lack balance, with the major one being clans battling against one another.

Neurogadget added that this March update will remove the big sized Clan Wars such as 45vs45 or 35vs35. New troops at Town Hall 10 will showcase a skull-like character called “Rocketeer,” a wizard named “Chain Lightning,” and another one named Mini P.E.K.K.A. from the “Clash Royale” game.