Clash of Clans latest update: upgrade to Level 11 Town Hall and introduction of third hero may come with Oct 24 convention


Clash of Clans developers, Supercell, continuously provide updates to their countless fans, aiming to retain the top spot in terms of video games played. To make it more exciting, the developers will be holding a convention later this month with fans and they may perhaps introduce some surprises along the way.

The first ever conference will be held on October 24 at Helsinki Finland, which is also the third anniversary of the game as well as the home of its development. The convention will include a level 11 Town Hall upgrade as well as level 8 Barbarians. Aside from these, there are rumors for an additional single player map, new quests and achievements, as well as a third hero in addition to the King and Queen, notes Master Herald.

Aside from these, there will also be a Clan War tournament which will include a clan versus clan battle. This will give the players a chance to move notches in the tournament board. Definitely, there are many more in store of the fans during the event as the developers aim to give its countless fans a unique experience during the show and perhaps afterwards. Supercell Community Manager Marika Appel said, “Our fanbase is certainly genuine, and very, very dedicated. The reception of “Clash of Clans” has continued to surprise us since its launch three years ago and we think it absolutely shows that the lines between ‘casual’ and ‘core’ are not as clear as people once thought they were,” notes Christian Post.

Last month, updates were made to include Town Hall 10, along with an upgrade of lightning spells up to level seven under this town hall. It also included a lava wall upgrade, as well as other spells such as earthquake, freeze, and poison. New updates are also expected alongside the event on the 24<sup>th.