'Clash of Clans' 2016 update: Supercell addresses concerns about nerfing of Healers


A balancing patch is coming to “Clash of Clans” (CoC) soon, and it has prompted discussions about what these changes could mean for the game in the long run.

A blog post on the official CoC site outlined these adjustments, which included a major nerf for Healers. The troop has become more vulnerable now that they trigger air traps again. This worried fans of the game as this could significantly alter the effectiveness of the popular Queenwalk and mass-Bowler attack strategies that keep a group of Healers safe throughout an entire battle.

In a Queenwalk, the Archer Queen is surrounded by three to four Healers, who are tasked to keep the player’s offense protected. A mass-Bowler attack, on the other hand is an attack that spares about more than 100 housing space worth of troops even after leveling a maxed out Tower Hall 11 Village to the ground.

The International Business Times speculates that with the upcoming change, it might now take greater effort to execute a successful Queenwalk. However, this type of change is a necessary evil to balance out a method that has gradually fallen into abuse.

Supercell has recently addressed players’ concerns regarding the balancing patch, explaining that implementing the upcoming changes is their way of balancing risk and reward when it comes to Healers.

When Healers used to trigger air traps in the past, they were barely used since doing so posed more risk than reward. Now that they are no longer at risk of triggering air traps, using Healers provides more reward and little to no risk.

“In the hands of a skilled attacker, it is not uncommon for a group of Healers to survive the entire battle, hidden behind the Archer Queen and groups of Bowlers,” the blog post explained. “Healers have become far too safe!”

Supercell has also done some playtesting on both the Queenwalk and the mass-Bowler attack to assure players that with a well-executed plan, these strategies can still prove effective despite the Healers’ handicap.

Other changes that will be implemented in the August 2016 update include an increased cannon damage for levels 11 to 14, miners’ movements becoming slower, and the Eagle Artillery activation taking longer. This month’s balancing update is also believed to pave the way to more major updates coming soon.