'Civilization 6' release date news: game improvements revealed


25 years has already passed since the first “Civilization” game was released. After its first release, the creators of the game started releasing new titles of the franchise every 5 years which became their pattern. Now, another 5 years has passed and players are ready to start building their own cities once again in “Civilization VI.”

“Civilization” is well known for its unique gameplay where the players control a specific leader to start building their own empire. Also, it is a turn based game where the gamers must strategically choose what will be developed first to gain an edge from their opponents. There are choices that a player can choose from to develop his civilization such as culture, technology, and intellect.

In addition, players can win with different kinds of strategies. The player can focus on developing the empire’s military or by giving importance to science that will help in building rocket ships in order to win the game.

According to the reports of The Verge, since the 2010 title of the franchise was a big hit, there won’t be much changes in the next game. Firaxis, the developers, will still stick to the same formula that made “Civilization V” a success.

“Civilization VI” will see an addition of a new mechanic in building cities. Furthermore, the players will be capable of constructing cities on multiple tiles and will not be limited anymore to building on single tiles as mentioned in reports.

Likewise, fans can expect a new development within the game that will help in improving the technology of the civilization called “Active Research.” This new feature can strategize more in what technology to improve depending on the surroundings of the empire’s environment.

Moreover, IGN also reported that there will also be new advancements in handling diplomacy.

Sid Meier’s “Civilization VI” will be released exclusively for PC on Oct. 21, 2016.