'Civilization 6' release date: Philip II leads Spain and the Conquistadors to glory


In the lead-up to the game’s release, Firaxis Games continues to give gamers a sneak peek of “Civilization VI.” This time, Philip II takes the stage as he leads Spain to glory and champion his faith. Philip II will be handed the reins of the Spanish Empire as Isabela, who appeared in the past three “Civilization” games, will not be in this one.

Here’s the official trailer for Spain.

The trailer shows that Spain is going to be a religion and expansion focused civilization in this game, so players should take advantage of its bonuses.

Spain’s unique ability, Treasure Fleet, allows trade routes across continents to provide additional gold yields. With the ability, players who use Spain can also combine ships into fleets much earlier than other civilizations.

Spain’s leader, Philip II, has a unique ability called El Escorial, which gives Spanish units a combat bonus against units from civilizations following other religions. The ability also gives Spanish Inquisitor units one extra charge to the ability called remove heresy. 

Spain’s unique unit is the Conquistador. This unit gets a bonus when it is in the same tile as a non-combat religious unit, like the Missionary, Inquisitor or Apostle. Furthermore, if a Conquistador captures a city, or is adjacent to it when it is captured, the city will automatically convert its religion to Spain’s majority religion.

Spain’s unique improvement is the Mission. The improvement provides faith and also gives out an additional faith bonus if it is built on a different continent far away from the Spanish capital. A science boost is also provided if it is built next to a campus.

Meanwhile, a limited collector’s edition of “Civilization VI” will be made available to celebrate the 25<sup>th anniversary of the “Civilization” franchise. The anniversary edition will be very limited with just 20,000 copies distributed worldwide. It will be sold for $89.99.

“Civilization VI” will hit the shelves on Oct. 21.