‘Civilization VI’ gets fully-featured iPad version

Civilization VI
"Civilization VI" promotional photo. (Facebook/ civ)

The “Civilization” franchise has surprised its fans by releasing the first mobile version of its latest installment, “Civilization VI.” The highly acclaimed turn-based video game, which was released for PC last year, is now available on the iPad.

Instead of a scaled down mobile version of the epic game, the iPad version seems to include a fully-featured game, complete with huge, sprawling empires that players can build and battle with.

Players of the mobile version will be able to enjoy the same gameplay, with the same maps, leaders, technology, and combat mechanics that are featured in the PC version of the game.

Understandably, there are some compromises that had to be done in order to properly port the game to the mobile device. These include the removal of the animation in screens that show the leader of the civilization. The mobile version also removed the strategic view mode, which previously provided a more dynamic view of the battlefield for the player.

The iPad version was released by Aspyr, who has been “Civilization” developer Firaxis’ porter to Apple devices for a number of years now. This was a surprising release as the mobile front has not been the strongest suit in the “Civilization” franchise. However, with the release of a full game for the iPad, it looks like the franchise is eyeing the mobile industry as its target market.

“Civilization VI” for the iPad is free to play for a limited number of turns. Players will be able to download and install the game at no cost, but they will only be able to play it up to 60 turns. After that, players will need to unlock the game for $60 to continue using it.

Fans who wish to play the beloved 4X strategy game can enjoy a 50 percent discount as a launch special. The game will be available for only $30 until Jan. 4.

At the moment, the team behind the iPad port cannot confirm the timing or date of availability of any expansion packs for the iPad version, but they said that they are hoping to support downloadable contents (DLCs) and expansion packs in the future.