'Civilization 6' release date update: Aztecs revealed as pre-order bonus


Game developer Firaxis Games recently revealed the pre-order bonus for their upcoming and highly anticipated game “Civilization VI.” Players who would be placing their pre-order for the game would be getting early access to the civilization of the Aztecs, with the iconic Montezuma I as their civilization leader.

As detailed in the game’s official website, the Aztec civilization, just like any other civilizations in the game, gets to have their leader, their own unique unit, as well as their own unique building and their attraction spot.

For their leader, the Aztecs have the great Montezuma I. In real-life history, Montezuma I was born in 1398, and was the fifth king of the city of Tenochtitlan. He was also the second emperor of the Aztec people. His reign over the Aztec civilization lasted for 29 years, and it ended due to his untimely death in 1469.

The Aztec’s unique unit is called the Eagle Warrior. These are noble warriors who can bring fallen enemy units onto their side and have them enslaved as builder units of their own.

The Tlachtli, on the other hand, is the Aztec’s unique building. This is a sports place wherein various games and events can be hosted, including the Aztec game similar to basketball but with players unable to use their hands in putting the ball through the hoop.

The Wonder of this particular civilization is the Huey Teocalli, also known as the Greater Temple of The Aztecs. This place is a terraced pyramid with a temple dedicated to the Aztec rituals.

Like what was said, the Aztecs Civilization Pack is the pre-order bonus for the players who would be placing their purchase of the game ahead of the scheduled launch of the title on Oct. 21. However, all other players of the game would also be getting the chance to play as Montezuma I and the Aztecs 90 days after the game launches, as the content would be unlocked for all players by then for entirely no charge at all.