‘Civilization VI’ adds Zulu in ‘Rise and Fall’ expansion

Civilization VI
"Civilization VI" promotional photo. (Facebook/ civ)

Firaxis Games and 2K have announced the next civilization that will be included in the “Rise and Fall” expansion of hit video game “Civilization VI.” The Zulu, headed by its leader, Shaka, are joining the race for world domination in the popular turn-based strategy game.

The Zulu are a very military-oriented civilization in the game, allowing players a lot of combat advantages through its special units and buildings, as well as Shaka’s leader ability.

The new civilization’s ability, Isibongo, allows it to gain bonus loyalty from cities that it conquers, as long as a unit is garrisoned there. Additionally, conquering a city with a unit will upgrade it to a Corps of Army, depending on the player’s unlocked Civics.

The Zulu’s unique unit is the Impi, a more powerful replacement for the Pikeman. The Impi are the perfect early game aggressors, with their increased flanking bonus, lower cost compared to other combat units of the same era, low maintenance cost, and innate ability to gain experience faster.

As for its unique district, the Zulu have the Ikanda, a more efficient replacement for the encampment. It provides the civilization with additional housing and can build Corps and Armies once the appropriate Civics have been upgraded. This will allow the Zulu to generate military units at a faster rate.

Shaka will lead the Zulu people with his leader ability, Amabutho. It allows the civilization to form Corps and Armies earlier than other civilizations. The ability also gives more combat strength to both Corps and Armies.

Aside from the Zulu, the other civilizations that have been added to the expansion are The Cree, Mongolia, and the Netherlands, while India gains an alternate leader, Chandragupta.

“Rise and Fall” seeks to create more dynamic endgame scenarios for “Civilization VI,” adding a new loyalty system new types of alliances, Governor characters, among others.