'Civilization 6' tips, tricks: how to successfully build an empire


Three weeks since the release of “Civilization 6,” some franchise newbies and even those who have played earlier iterations of the series can use a tip or two in expanding their specific regions.

Here are some of the most usable tips and tricks found online that will help players progress in building their empires:

Human resources are such a pivotal part of the newest iteration of the Firaxis Games-developed title. Similar to the real world, a player should bank on its army first and foremost to establish stability and security in the territory. It also safeguards it should a hostile takeover become imminent. This also helps with other tasks such as overseeing the city with a scout and a warrior in tow.

The second tip involves the geography of the city that will soon be built. Location, as well early planning are both essential to the longevity and success of a city’s endeavors. For example, location is very important in terms of resources. Find a settlement that is abundant in healthy food and produce. Leaving a yield overlay on the targeted area will help the player realize what kind of crop can be grown in the area. This can be checked via the menu in the lower left portion of the screen where icons can be seen corn means food, gears mean production, and music denotes culture. Balance these three to ensure a high quality of life in the civilization.

After establishing a steady territory, expansion via conquering other lands will be the next order of business. Be aggressive but only take calculated risks. It’s the same thing when going up against Barbarians. The group of people may not look like they are tactical, but “Civilization 6” actually made them a more formidable force to be reckoned with.

Since the game has been out for a few weeks now, reviews are also pouring in. The initial opinion of the title has been favorable so far and it has become the fastest-selling game in the franchise, dispatching more than a million units in its first two weeks.