'Civilization 6' release date: Pericles leads the Greeks as they spread their culture around the world


After revealing the Norway civilization last week, Firaxis Games decided to announce the return of one of the civilizations that have been part of the series since the first “Civilization” game the Greeks.

The Greeks are back, and this time, the Athenian general Pericles will be leading the unified Greek army as they build a grand empire and spread their culture all over the world. Here’s a look at the introduction trailer for the Greeks:

Pericles has the leader ability called Surrounded by Glory. This ability gives the Greeks an extra bonus to Culture for every vassal city-state that sees Greece as its Suzerain. The Greeks also have the unique ability called Plato’s Republic. With this ability, the Greeks gain an extra wildcard civics slot regardless of the type of government they are using at the moment.

The Hoplite is once again the unique unit for the Greeks. The melee unit gets a combat bonus whenever another Hoplite unit is adjacent to it. Just imagine Leonidas leading his 300 hoplites by grouping them together in a close-ranked phalanx formation.

The Greeks have a unique district of their own that replaces the Theater district the Acropolis. This district actually gets a Culture bonus if it is built adjacent to other districts. However, there is a catch. Players must build the Acropolis on a hill. Acropolis literally means upper city in Greek so that makes a lot of sense.

Players will immediately notice that the Greek civilization is geared towards cultural domination. However, there is more than meets the eye since the Hoplite can be a powerful unit especially early in the game.

Meanwhile, “Civilization VI” received an E-10 rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Despite several reports saying Firaxis might have tweaked the game too much and made it offensive, previous games in the series were actually rated the same. So, the rating does not come as a surprise to longtime fans of the series.

“Civilization VI” is scheduled for release on Oct. 21 for the Microsoft Windows PC.