'Civilization 6' release news: Improved AI and secret agendas all part of franchise's 25th anniversary title


After six years, Sid Meier’s “Civilization” series will add a new iteration to their franchise that gamers can binge-play on. Banking on being “not complicated until it needs to be complicated,” the newest offering from Firaxis Games aims to gain new fans as well as bring back old ones.

Dennis Shirk, lead producer for “Civilization VI,” recently sat down with The Express UK‘s Thomas Dennis and teased a bit about what fans can expect with the upcoming iteration. With the progress in storytelling that is somewhat tied to historical events, gamers can find themselves coming into contact with people from social science books like Queen Victoria who led the British Empire.

“With Britain and America there is a lot of history to pull from and especially with the age of expansion and exploration we have classic units like the redcoats,” Shirk explained, adding that the iconic figure has an impressive overall animation design to boot. “Her ability, that we are still teaching the AI [artificial intelligence] to do really effectively, is that she wants to be on all of the continents and when she does settle she gets free units. It makes her really expensive, especially on a continental map and it feels like real history.”

Aside from the British Queen, other world leaders included in the game play are Theodore Roosevelt for USA, Cleopatra for Egypt, Qin Shi Huang for China, Hojo Tokimune for Japan, Catherine DeMedici for France, Montezuma for Aztec and Pedro II for Brazil.

For those who are looking to play the game via single player mode but are skeptical of the repetitive tone that battling an A.I. might give, “Civilization VI” is outfitted with secret agendas to up the stakes of the gameplay. Players would need to have “to play fast to work out what makes them tick” before they roll out their antagonistic plans.

“In ‘Civilization V’ you always counted on them to play a certain way. With the historical agendas you know what they are going to do half the time. With the secret agendas, until you know what that is means that your relationships are going to be different,” Shirk furthered.

The “Civilization” series first came into prominence way back in 1991, counting on 25 years of existence; it has become a successful franchise over the years with its latest chapter garnering critical acclaim from critics. The main titles are turn-based 4X games where players aim to triumph against other players or bots through “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.”

“Civilization VI” will be released worldwide on Oct. 21 for Microsoft Windows PC.