'Civilization 6' cheats, tips, tricks: Learn how to activate debug console and use cheat codes


Thinking of cheating before an insane Gandhi nukes the living hell out of you in “Civilization VI”? Then this is the right place to be. But before anyone can use cheat codes, the debug console has to be activated. First, go to \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

Once inside the game folder, open AppOptions.txt, look for “EnableDebugMenu 0” and change the 0 to 1. Don’t forget to save the changes made. Just use CTRL-F to search for it. It’s easier than scrolling down and reading everything. Once that is done, players can just start a game normally and the debug console will be available once the tilde key (~) is pressed. This key is above “Tab” and below “Esc” in the U.S. keyboard layout.

To reveal the entire map, players can press the tilde key and a debug window will pop up. Just enter “Reveal All” and the “fog of war” will disappear. Simple, isn’t it?

Right now, the ultimate cheat has to be winning a game in one turn and players can do this on Deity difficulty settings. Well, this isn’t exactly fun, but it can unlock a ton of achievements. Just choose any civilization and create a custom game. Leave “Score Victory” checked and uncheck all the other victory conditions; also, change the turn limit to one. Start the game and establish a city. When the turn ends, it’s an automatic win for the player.

Meanwhile, MrAntiFun has created a trainer for “Civilization VI.” By using the trainer, players can edit the game any way they want. Want more money? Need more envoys for your city-state neighbors? Just go to the game editor menu. Before players choose to cheat this way, remember that playing fair is half the fun.

Here’s a piece of advice. Don’t download dubious files that haven’t been verified. If new cheats are discovered, they will be shared online right away.