'Civilization 6' cheats, tips, tricks: how to guarantee victory in turn-based game


2K Games’ popular turn-based 4X video game “Civilization 6” was released last month with highly favorable reviews and quick sales. As a matter of fact, it is on track to becoming the fastest selling title in the “Civilization” video game franchise.

For those who are new to the game, there are highly specific methods of winning while at the same still maintaining an enjoyable level of play. Just like any other video game, patches and updates will be handed out later on, but for the moment, it’s great to have a basic guide on how to successfully conquer the game.

The first means of achieving victory is by Domination, as noted by GameNGuide. In this strategy, a player’s objective is to conquer and capture the capital cities of all the enemy civilizations. Simply put, this is the traditional way of winning in a typical strategy game. For “Civilization 6,” however, the opponents to whom Domination can be achieved can either be other players or artificial intelligence. The key to victory through domination is strength in numbers and power. This means that players need to use military might, like that of Tomyris of Scythia, whose soldiers have a +5 in combat abilities and better healing.

The next path to victory is through Religion, and as the term suggests, players must rule the planet through might in religion. Accordingly, the best and quickest way to win through religion is by using Gandhi of India.

The two other methods of achieving victory in “Civilization 6” are Culture and Science, although these aren’t the ones that players are expected to utilize that much. Anyhow, culture is actually kind of effective and the Greek civilization is the best option here, considering how advanced they are in the use of espionage, sabotage, art, and knowledge. For science, the American and Russian civilizations are the best options for victory because both have the best technologies to use in battle and leverage.

“Civilization 6” is currently available for Microsoft Windows and OS X.