'Civilization 6' cheats, tips and tricks: Unlock god mode, uncover hidden agenda and more


Game giant Firaxis recently released one of the most anticipated games of 2016 titled “Civilization 6.” The game refines old favorites, and introduces new technology to its slew of fans. Players who got their hands on the game first revealed hacks that may make levelling up easier for the newbies.

MrAntiFun released downloadable content that lets eager players tweak the values inside the game to their desired numbers, making it easier for them to achieve the desired levels easier. The gamers who wanted to use the hack just need to download the files and install them in their computers.

The content pretty much lets the gamers control everything they want in “Civilization 6.” The trick enables god mode, and speeds up research, culture, and recruiting. They can acquire infinite resources by controlling the switches in-game. They can increase money value, faith, and envoys by just a mere push of a button. Construction and projects can also be tweaked.

Another complicated feature in “Civilization 6” is the map, which can be a little time-consuming for the gamers who do not have a lot of patience. Gameranx shared the technique on how to see everything god-like on the map. This will allow players to see essential information they need in the game.

If players installed the game the regular way, looking for the required folders should be easy. It is also important that the player is offline for this to work, otherwise they will encounter errors.

They just need to look for the installation folder of “Sid Meier’s Civilization 6” found in the “Steam Apps” or “My Games” folder. Search for the config.ini file and then open as notepad, find the line that says “DebugPanel=0” and then change 0 to 1. They need to save the file for this trick to work. Once they have opened the game, they just need to key in the tilde key (~), and then select “Reveal All” to reveal the entire map.

Gamers should use these hacks with caution because it may affect the game codes. It would be better if they get the help of other users who have advanced technical knowledge in case the game doesn’t work right.