‘Flip or Flop’s’ Christina El Moussa reacts to ex-husband Tarek’s Instagram joke

A promotional image for "Flip or Flop" (Facebook/HGTV)

The hosts of HGFTV’s “Flip or Flop” continue to make headlines, as the anniversary of their heated fight approaches.

Last Thursday, Tarek El Moussa posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account. In the image, a sign saying, “No guns, weapons of any type” was shown, to which Tarek was pointing at. Below the sign, he added the words “or Helicopters,” with an image of a middle finger emoji pointing to it. The post was in reference to the huge fight the ex-couple had almost a year ago.

Helicopters from Orange County reportedly responded as Tarek went to the mountains carrying a gun after the couple’s heated argument. Despite Tarek already deleting the post, Christina would not allow her co-host to have the last word.

In a report by ET Online, the 33-year-old blonde retaliated over the weekend, also via an Instagram post.

“No time for bullshit when you’re building an empire,” reads a quote accompanying an image of the Empire State Building that Christina posted. She then added the words “True That… Only surround yourself with the best.” However, it is interesting to note that Tarek “liked” Christina’s post.

Meanwhile, a source who was close to Tarek told TMZ that the 35-year-old’s post was meant to be a joke. The source said that he even tagged his ex-wife on the image. As for the middle finger emoji, the source said that it was intended for the event and not for Christina.

In an attempt to clear the air, Tarek posted again on Instagram, saying “#life is about having #fun and enjoying every #moment….people shouldn’t take things so seriously especially JOKES that are meant to be playful and fun…”

Earlier this month, Christina signed with HGTV to return and host “Flip or Flop” for a seventh season, alongside Tarek. A source close to the host said that she signed up because of money, family, and love. “Christina realized she and Tarek are stronger overall as a unit, but Tarek still better be on his best behavior, on and off set,” the source shared with Life & Style.

Season 7 of “Flip or Flop” will premiere in December 2017 on HGTV.