Chris Rock opens up about his infidelity and divorce in new Netflix special

Comedian Chris Rock hosts the 88th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 28, 2016. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Comedian Chris Rock has opened up about the bad decisions that he made in his life, including his infidelity and the demise of his 19-year marriage in a new Netflix special titled “Chris Rock: Tamborine.”

In the show, the stand-up comedian said that he was not a good husband to Malaak Compton, and he admitted to having cheated on his wife with three different women while he was on tour.

“When guys cheat, it’s like we want something new,” Rock contemplated during his special. “But then you know what happens? Your woman finds out, and now she’s new. She is never the same again. So now you have new, but you have a bad new.”

The 53-year-old comedian said he was to blame for his 2014 divorce, and that he brought it on himself. “It’s my fault, because I’m a f—ing asshole,” Rock shared. “I didn’t listen. I wasn’t kind. I had an attitude. I thought, ‘I pay for everything, I can do what I want.’ That s— don’t f—ing work! I just thought I was the s—.”

Aside from his infidelity, Rock also opened up about other personal experiences, including being addicted to pornography and the brutal custody battle that followed his divorce.

The first half of his special was more like the comedy that people have come to expect from Rock. He joked about racism, and how black people are treated in America. He also went into politics and discussed President Trump. However, the second half of the show included more personal topics that Rock never ventured into before.

With the themes he tackled in the special, “Tamborine” is much different than all the other specials that Rock has done over his career. Rock also performed in a smaller, 800-seat theater while wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

In contrast, Rock’s previous special, HBO’s “Kill the Messenger,” which was done way back in 2008, had a massive production that combined performances in London, New York, and Johannesburg.