Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Silos Baking Co. is becoming one of Waco’s main attractions

Chip and Joanna Gaines pose to promote "Fixer Upper." (Facebook/hgtvasia)

It cannot be denied that “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are claiming victory after victory recently. With their venture into house rentals and their acquisition and refurbishing of an old iconic café in Waco, things are certainly looking up for the couple.

The highlight of their recent success, however, could possibly be the Silos Baking Co. in Waco. The famed bakery recently celebrated its first anniversary, since the Gaineses purchased and remodeled the property. It was originally built in the 1890s. Also, according to Fox News, Silos has gone on to become the area’s key highlight. The report added that it has turned Waco into a travel destination.

“[Waco had] a little bit of an image issue,” said Carla Pendergraft, director of marketing for the Waco Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. “Before Fixer Upper, it was hard bringing conventions here,” Pendergraft said. She also alluded to Waco’s dark past, involving the Branch Davidians religious cult led by David Koresh.

“Waco has seen so many benefits from the show,” she added. Today, according to Pendergraft, many would say “That’s where they do ‘Fixer Upper!’” whenever someone pitched Waco. She also shared that is already the “Magnolia Trail” that showcases some of the locations mentioned or featured in the HGTV series.

Pendergraft admitted that a good number of tourists visit Waco because of their avid following of “Fixer Upper.” This growth in tourism is likely to continue, considering that the Gaineses have been very active in developing and promoting their projects in Waco.

Last month, the couple revealed that they are venturing into the world of vacation rentals. “We are now opening another vacation rental! Chip and I had so much fun restoring this old Waco icon and cannot wait to welcome guests starting this fall,” wrote Joanna on Instagram.

The house was built in 1903. The Gaineses looked to retain its “old world charm” while improving some of its parts.