Chicago PD season 3 news: Lindsay-Halstead relationship to be picked up further down the road


Fans of Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay may be delighted to find out that there is a possibility for the two detectives to end up together when NBC’s hit series, “Chicago P.D.” airs in September for season three.

Viewers have seen in the second season that Lindsay is turning in her badge to crawl back to her manipulating mother. She went her separate ways from Halstead when Hank Voight found out about their relationship and told them that he may oust them both from the department as it is prohibited to have a romantic relationship at work.

Executive producer Matt Olmstead teases that Halstead still wants to win her back but it may take some time as she needs some time alone to be herself, “We’re going to wait. The immediate concern is to get her on her feet again and out of harm’s way, but down the road… we’re exploring that. In the meantime, there’s nobody else [for him],” he said.

He also mentioned that in one of the episodes, Halstead will confront her on the decision to give up being a cop in the Intelligence Unit, “There’s a line coming up where he says, ‘Tell me to my face that you’re done with this.’ And when she tells him, he says, ‘I don’t know who you are, but if you ever see Lindsay again, tell her she made me a better cop.’ So, he doesn’t even know who this person is anymore.”

With no job and Halstead on her side while grieving Nadia’s death, Lindsay became depressed and has started using painkillers. Her life went on a downward spiral thereafter.

Actress Sophia Bush, who plays Lindsay, told The Hollywood Reporter that fans may not need to worry as her character will bounce back. However, there will be a new set of rules and consequences. She may also need to rekindle all connections with people in their unit.

“But at the end of the day, she is who she is and this is the one good thing that she’s good at,” Bush explained.

Third season of Chicago P.D. premieres on September 30.