'Chicago P.D.' season 4 air date, spoilers: Voight guilty of murder, but will he end up in jail?


The third season finale of American police procedural drama, “Chicago P.D.” was so far the most intense in the series. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), squad commander of the Chicago Police Department’s Intelligence Unit went back to his old ways by killing a man who murdered his only son. And as much as viewers will love him for doing his own brand of justice, it certainly looks like this is something that Voight no longer can escape. Well, at least that is how it appears.

Before Voight killed the bad guy, Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), the daughter that he never had, desperately tried to stop him, but to no avail. The problem now is will she become an accessory to a murder she was aware of? What if she actually protects Voight, considering all the things he has done for her, and ends up admitting to the crime?

Season 4 definitely just got a lot more interesting with several possible consequences of Voight’s revenge-motivated murder.

In a TV Guide interview, Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Detective Jay Halstead in the show, said that Lindsay will do anything to help Voight. “[Voight’s] a father figure to her so she’s going to try to take care of him,” he said. The 32-year-old American actor added that his character will be there to ensure that Lindsay, who also happens to be his girlfriend, will not go down with Voight in prison.

Although both Voight and Lindsay could very well end up in jail, it’s a scenario that is unlikely to happen since their characters cover a major part of the entire series’ storyline. But what’s imminent is that the fourth season could showcase several episodes focusing on court hearings and legal battles as Voight will once again try to dodge the bullet and get out of this mess.

Season 4 of NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” premieres on Sept. 21.