Chicago Bulls trade rumors 2016: team not done with trade talks even after Dwyane Wade acquisition


Offseason in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is trade season highlighted by major player movements, retirements, comebacks, and draft signings. And while it’s as typical as it can be in the league, this year is rather unique with major drama surrounding the change of scenery for two of the most potent offensive weapons in the game Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade.

Even though the Chicago Bulls let go of longtime point guard and former league most valuable player (MVP) Derrick Rose, they got what they always coveted the hometown boy Wade. But based on recent rumors and speculations, the team isn’t done dealing just yet. Accordingly, there is a trade discussion going on involving Chicago and two other teams in the Phoenix Suns and the Sacramento Kings.

A recent report claimed that Kings veteran forward Rudy Gay is the guy the Bulls want and that the front office is willing to give up another forward in Taj Gibson in the process. However, it looks like a straight swap isn’t possible, so both teams are looking at luring Phoenix in the mix, although it isn’t sure how the deal would go after rumors that point guard Brandon Knight is the only one the Suns are willing to part ways with.

Gay, for his part, has been quite vocal about his uncertain future in Sacramento, and proof of that is a previous report by CBS Sports that quoted Gay as saying he wants out.

For the Bulls, it should be a very interesting improvement should the trade materialize. There is no doubt that Gibson is already a crucial piece of the Bulls’ core, but he does not have the same offensive abilities as that of Gay. On the other hand, Gay is a veteran who likes to shoot the ball more often than defend and get rebounds, while Gibson is more of a defense and hustle guy.

If this rumored deal is consummated, the potential starting lineup for the new-look Bulls will include Wade, Jimmy Butler, and Gay. Now that’s more than enough offense right there.