Chasing Life season 2 episode 10 sneak peek teases Carver family about to find out truth about April's dad


In an all-new episode of ABC Family’s drama series, “Chasing Life,” viewers may see their beloved characters finding out about the truth behind the book their father has written.

The sneak peek of the upcoming episode titled, “A Bottle of Secrets” shows that the focus of the story may veer a little away from April Carver as the winter storm gathered all the family members together.

Spending the time in isolation and bonding through games and activities, April decided to bring up something that seems to be bothering her, “This family needs to talk. If there’s nothing in the book then why did you get rid of it?” she told George Carver to which he answers, “I’m trying to protect all of you.” When asked from what, he continued with “I’ve been carrying a secret for so long. Now it’s your secret to carry too.”

Meanwhile, it may also be showcased that the doctor will try to patch things up with Mae.

Viewers of the show took to the official Facebook page to voice out their thoughts saying that the content of the book may have something to do with April and Brenna’s dad living a double life and probably planned his own death. Some also assumed that he may be alive somewhere and faked his demise for the reasons that hopefully will be revealed later on.

During the last episode titled “Wild Thing,” April was trying to get around her grief with the untimely death of Leo. Upon finding out that she has inherited a large sum of money, she began spending it buying luxurious items and splurging outrageously. She then decided to buy ecstasy. But when she realizes that all she needed is to have a good cry, Sara and Vanessa were there to support her and help her get through tough times.

Chasing Life new episodes air every Monday at 9pm EST.