'Chasing Life' Season 2 Spoilers: Beth deals with pregnancy dilemma; April heads to Rome


Finale episode of ABC Family’s drama series, “Chasing Life,” will delve into Beth’s dilemma of how to tell her boyfriend that she is pregnant, and her trip to Rome with April.

In an exclusive sneak peek shared by TV Line, April and Dominic lend their help and listen to Beth’s problem. Beth opens the footage pretending to be talking to Josh and says, “Hi Josh, I’m pregnant.” April suggested that she thinks for a guy’s perspective, the girl should ease in to the conversation a little more. Dominic then voiced out his different opinion, “The direct approach is the way to go, trust me.”

Beth frantically standsup and contemplates that maybe she avoided things when she got pregnant including quitting her job to build an empire. Suddenly, a knock at the door interrupted the group. Thinking it is Josh, Beth opens it and welcomes the most unexpected guest, Natalie. At the end of the clip, Natalie asks April if they can talk privately.

Aside from dealing with Beth’s pregnancy, Spoilers Guide shares that April is going to Rome amidst all the family problems and drama with her friends.

The synopsis reads, “Whether it’s the Italian honeymoon that never happened, the unchecked item on her bucket list, or her lack of inspiration, all signs point April to Rome. Caught up in the midst of family drama, April faces too many distractions that keep her from making progress on her book. But will April find the inspiration she seeks in Rome, or will this trip lead her down another path?”

It is also revealed that Brenna will receive devastating news from Finn with some speculations suggesting that it might be connected to Greer moving back to Boston which may add to Brenna’s conflicting emotions.

Chasing Life season two episode 13 titled “La Dolce Vita” airs on Monday, 9pm.