Chasing Life season 2 news: Dominic still has feelings for engaged April; Vanessa to play a major role in April's life


Viewers of ABC Family’s drama series, “Chasing Life,” have seen some developments in April when it comes to dealing with her illness and relationship with Leo during season two’s premiere episode.

However, executive producer Patrick Sean Smith revealed that her life may become more complicated in the next episodes.

In episode one, April found out that her cancer is not in remission. Despite her chemotherapy not working, she cannot receive a bone-marrow transplant. With this knowledge, she tries to set aside her career as a journalist which she admitted to fellow-cancer patient Vanessa was her top priority.

While celebrating her engagement with Leo, April told her ex-boyfriend Dominic that she cannot lose him from her life now. April’s family also voiced out their collective concern over the upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Natalie discovered an unpublished manuscript written by her father called “Chasing Life” and which may shed light on whether he planned his own death.

Talking to TV Line, Smith said that having a possible love triangle between April, Leo and Dominic, they are entering an “unchartered water” for the new season, “We wanted to have a touchstone of what her life would be if she didn’t have cancer. It’s a reminder of what her ambitions were and what seemed to be in her future and what isn’t now. We’re also reminding the audience what Dominic represents in April’s life and questioning how that’ll work in her future.”

“The fact that Leo and April are engaged, it creates a ticking clock for Dominic in terms of realizing and accepting that he still has feelings for April. That window of opportunity is beginning to close, so is he going to do something about it?” he teased.

He also added that fans will see more of Vanessa.

Portrayed by actress Krysta Rodriguez, Smith said that the actress, who has also been diagnosed with breast cancer in real life, is an inspiration to the show. Her character will play a major role in April’s life as she starts to live it differently.

Episode 2 titled, “The Age of Consent” will air on July 13 with an official synopsis that reads,

“April is enjoying her new living life in the moment lifestyle but is forced to channel ‘old April’ when she has to make an important decision about her healthcare. To take a break from the stressful decision, April and Beth finally go on their Bermuda weekend trip, but they end up not exactly living the relaxing island lifestyle. Meanwhile, Sara struggles over money issues, and Brenna finally finds a place she fits in at Charlton.”