'Chasing Life' Season 2: Italia Ricci says April's controversial decision is about control


Fans of ABC Family drama series “Chasing Life” may get their hearts broken when the story of April Carver continues to season three.

Season two’s finale episode have shown that the doctors told April that they have exhausted all possible treatments for her illness and that the clinical trial and bone marrow transplant wound not fit her. She decided to live the rest of her life with dignity and not at the mercy of hospitals and medications by discontinuing her treatment.

Actress Italia Ricci talked to TV Line and said that she remembered filming for the scene, “It made me crazy that she felt like she had nothing else to hold on to. Even though it might not be the right decision in a lot of people’s eyes, it’s the only one that gives her any power. She wants to be in control of however much of the rest of her life she has left, which I thought was really interesting.”

She added that her character’s decision seems to be a reflection of what her father did and which she may realize later on in the narrative. She also teased that it remains to be seen if they will follow the ending of the original Mexican series the show is based on. Titled “Terminales” the protagonist beat the cancer but in the end died as she got hit by a bus.

“I’m not 100 percent sure, but I feel like that’s probably something we want to maintain,” Ricci continued.

Meanwhile, when it comes to her best friend’s pregnancy, Ricci described the bringing of new life as “a nice juxtaposition” to what April is currently dealing with such as the death of her husband Leo, the secret of her father revealed and Beth’s possible termination of the infant despite April’s fertility struggles.

Chasing Life is yet to be picked up by the network for season three.