'Castle'?season 8 news: To be the last season in the series?


Speculations have it that season 8 of ABC’s hit series “Castle” may be the last one in the series.

According to Crossmap, the show is in a very unique position. Even though its ratings have dropped, the numbers are consistent and this makes it hard to predict if the network decides to cancel or renew the series. Showrunner Alexi Hawley also shared in an interview with TV Line, “The reality, is that [the network execs] won’t make that decision until very late.”

He added, however, that as the waiting game continues, they will focus on making a good finale that will surely satisfy their longtime fans. “So our plan is just to tell a satisfying story and try to wrap up the season in an exciting way,” he stated.

What may have added to the assumption that the eighth installment will see the close of an era is that the contracts of some cast members are reportedly expiring, and they are yet to get renewed.

Co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter also revealed that they are treating it as the final one saying, “Andrew and Terri wrote it as if it was the series finale, and there’s a very good chance that we’ll most likely be doing that here. We hope to come back for Season 9, but we have to act as if [we might not].”

Creator Andrew Marlowe and writer Terri Edda Miller also previously voiced out their opinion on the fate of the series when they were working on season 7. “We were trying to craft a finale where we had a satisfying conclusion if it is indeed the conclusion, but also some really interesting, compelling springboards into next season’s storyteliing if the gods shine upon us and we’re allowed to continue,” Marlowe shared.

Meanwhile, the return of “Castle” will have the midseason premiere episode titled “Tone Death” air on Feb. 1.