'Castle' season 8b spoilers: First court room action to be featured, show to return to its roots


Police procedural “Castle” is still in hiatus but not for very long now. The show is slated to air their midseason finale in a little more than a week and story scoops are circulating online.

The ninth episode for the current season, titled “Tone Death,” will be tackling a mystery revolving the competitive world of acapella. A body will be found in the theater of Martha’s latest show and people will reached out to Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic). The episode will also feature “High School Musical” alum, Corbin Bleu as Hunter. Other guest stars will be Arnell Powell as Chris Jackson, Reilly Brooke Smith as Robyn King, and Sonya Eddy as Olivia “Mama” Toussaint.

While some may feel a little bit underwhelmed on the current story to be tackled when the show returns, fans can be rest assured that it is only the start of a more thrilling second act in terms of Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

“There’s a lot of lost time to make up for, so to speak, in the bedroom. So there is some friskiness,” teased co-writer Alexi Hawley. It can be remembered that during the first half of season 8, the married couple encountered some problems.

Furthermore, Hawley revealed that in the remaining episodes of the season, viewers will witness courtroom action which will put Castle on the stand as a witness.

“He’s an ‘interesting’ guy to give testimony. He has to take the standand it kind of goes sideways,” co-writer Terence Paul Winter shared. Hawley continued, “So then there’s fallout from that, some scrambling to do damage control!”

While the show’s long term future is still bleak, not knowing whether they will return for a ninth season or not, Hawley and Winter are both determined to bring “Castle” back to its roots of tackling weekly cases starting with a clean slate.

“Castle” season 8 will air brand new episodes starting on Feb. 8.