'Castle' season 8b news: Show hits lowest ratings with midseason premiere; spinoff series with Espo and Ryan, a possibility?


“Castle” came back last week with “Tone Death.” While viewership rating is still decent, the numbers turned out to be the smallest in the show’s history. TV Line reported that the show’s total viewership count is up to 5.2 million which marks a huge drop of a full million compared to their usual ratings.

In terms of overall story, viewers who =tuned in to catch the show’s midseason premiere only gave the episode an average grade of “B.”

If the decline in viewership continues, it might not be a good sign for the ABC show which future is still uncertain given that lead stars Nathan Fillion (Rick Castle) and Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) have yet to ink a deal to come back for season 9. Given the possibility of wrapping up after season 8, there have been talks already going around for a “Castle” spinoff instead.

“I’ve always thought that Ryan and Esposito would make fantastic spin-off material,” Seamus Dever spilled to E! News. The actor who plays Detective Kevin Ryan and Jon Huertas who plays Detective Javi Esposito shows excellent chemistry in the show.

“From the very beginning, Jon Huertas and I have a really good rapport, great dynamic, and we have a lot of fun together,” the 39-year-old actor continued. The two’s relationship grew over time playing secondary backup to Castle and Beckett’s. And if a spinoff series is to be made, it will be a good foundation to the new show. “Solving crimes together, I mean it’s pretty simple. I mean, we’re one of the only procedurals on ABC, so it’s like hey, you need a procedural? Espo and Ryan, they’re going to solve crimes just like they do on ‘Castle,'” Dever cheerily said.

Meanwhile, “Castle” will be upping their game in their next episodes as they will be showing episode 10 titled “Witness for the Prosecution” and episode 11, “Dead Read” consecutively on Feb. 14<sup>th and 15<sup>th.