'Castle' season 8 finale spoilers: 'Less than ideal' finale for Beckett's final season


After news broke out that “Castle” lead star, Stana Katic, will no longer be reprising her role as Kate Beckett past season 8, fans of the show have started wondering how the production will handle the character’s exit.

Unfortunately, it looks like it will not be pretty for the NYPD captain as TV Line reported that it will be “less than ideal.” The show has been criticized for the way the story between Beckett and husband Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) has been handled all throughout the season. The couple, although married, spent so much time apart without any story justification. They eventually reunited before the police procedural hit its midseason break, but fans were already too frustrated with the story.

Prior to the shocker, showrunner Terence Paul Winter revealed that the finale will be a squeaker. The season finale titled “Crossfire” will not only put the couple’s case in jeopardy but also their very lives. “We have one ending, a cliffhanger that we’re excited about, because we believe in ‘Castle and we believe that ABC will hopefully, hopefully bring us back,” he said.

The same article from the website also revealed that viewers can put their money on a 9<sup>th season despite no confirmation of it yet. Shall this turn out to be true, a time jump is rumored to be incorporated as the show’s next premise.

With Katic’s departure official and Fillion’s contract renewal still up in the air, a mixed pool of opinions has been going around regarding another season.Majority of “Castle’s” viewers are surprised that ABC is even tinkering with a possible season without Beckett and possibly, also Castle.

A report by Buddy TV dissected the situation of a “Castle” season 9 without Beckett. With a collection of online reactions from the long-running program, the article suggested that the channel should just leave the show after season 8 to preserve its core story.

Meanwhile, Katic still has not disclosed more details on her sudden exit from the series. “Rather than distract from what was an amazing experience, I would just like to say that I’m very grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a much-beloved show. Thank you to the fans, ” she said via an official statement.

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