Castle season 8 spoilers: no finale cliffhanger but possibly interesting anniversary celebrations for Rick and Kate during their time-out


After episode 6 of Castle season 8 a few days ago, the show is down to its last two episodes before the fall finale.

In the upcoming episode entitled “The Last Seduction,” Rick (Nathan Fillion) and Kate (Stana Katic) will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary, despite having a breakup earlier in the season. Fans may wonder how a couple who have decided to pause their relationship will revel at such a happy moment. However, Terence Paul Winter, one of the runners of the show teased, “But how do you celebrate when you’re having this weird ‘time out’…? Well, they find a way,” notes TV Line.

The episode will also see the return of Hayley Shipton (Toks Olagundaye) with Kate in a spa together, as they enjoy some pampering and discuss something together, based on a photo in TV Over Mind’s report. Meanwhile, Rick will be with Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Javi Esposito (Jon Huertas), also discussing something most likely related to work.

As for the fall finale, episode 8, entitled “Mr. & Mrs. Castle,” will portray the fun of the complication in Rick and Kate’s relationship. Alexi Hawley, one of the showrunners, assured that there will be no cliffhanger in the fall finale as that was their approach in the first two episodes, notes Entertainment Weekly. With this, the ending will combine an ending feel of the first chapter and anticipation for fans to desire the return. Winter added that the ending will be a “promise of what is to come in the new year.” Hawley described the fall finale as “really dynamic, really positive way” and expressed that they “cannot wait for people to see it” in the same news portal.

Both showrunners also expressed how they are excited for when Castle returns after its fall finale and hope that fans will also look forward to it.

Episode 7 airs on November 19, followed by the fall finale on November 26.