Castle season 8 premieres on September 21; two-hour episode shows two perspectives; Kate Beckett is now a captain


When “Castle” opens its season eight with a two-hour special premiere, the plot will revolve around Kate Beckett first, to be followed by showing the perspective of Richard Castle.

Titled “XY” and “XX” respectively, the episodes will explore the mystery of what Kate has been doing. Afterwards, viewers can take a good look at what really is happening. New co-showrunner Alexi Hawley teases to TV Line that, “What’s great is you set up the mystery of what the hell has she been doing, and then you get to go back and watch it happen, and it’s not exactly what you thought.”

When the series returns, Kate will not be a detective in the New York Police District anymore but she has a step-up in her career and now becomes a captain.

Although she has been courted to run for the state senate, Hawley said that the “best way” in telling the show’s storylines is to keep her in the precinct as Castle investigates “twisty, fun cases” that are made simple in order for them to focus on developing the characters more.

He added that having Beckett run for office is “something we absolutely considered, and it’s not like it’s off the table.”

Meanwhile, adding the series regular Toks Olagundoye and recurring role Sunkrish Bala as independent investigator Hayley Shipton and tech analyst Vikram Singh, give voices to personalities that they do not have in the previous seasons. Olagundoye who is described to bring “fantastic adrenaline shot” to the show will be introduced in the two-parter premiere.

Co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter also revealed that Hayley will be Alexis’s mentor and provide exciting new dynamics. Played by Molly Quinn, Alexis will be seen in a different light as a matured person. Moreover, he mentioned that Martha is still part of the team even if she has moved out and went to Broadway.

Castle season eight premieres on September 21.